Winter is Here

Dylan has actually started wearing his jacket!  Of course, when this picture was taken I had on twice as many layers: a heavy jacket, two sweaters, and a t-shirt.  We had a few snow flurries over the weekend but mostly the weather has been crisp and clear.  Dylan baked a nice loaf of bread and I cracked open my first jar of tomato puree to make a pot of tomato soup. I also opened a jar of green tomatillos salsa and added it to black beans.  The canned tomatoes and salsa turned out really well, but the dill pickles I opened today were disappointingly limp. Win some lose some.

Henry is doing well on his new food.  His newest trick is to jump up on walls and ledges - we think he's showing off.  He'd never dream of laying down on the sidewalk, but  is happy to obey when he's up on a wall or rock.