Winter Harvests

The outer leaves of the radicchio were starting to get frostbitten so I went ahead and harvested them all. We didn't really like it roasted, so maybe I'll try slicing it thin and making a sort of salad/slaw. I'm sure a little bacon-balsamic dressing could make it more palatable.  Unfortunately my second head of cauliflower went bad.  I was waiting in hopes that it would get bigger but it looks like that was a mistake. 

Besides the indomitable kale, herbs are some of the few green things left in the garden.  I've been using them to liven up the white starches (potatoes, rice, pasta, etc).  Many of them grow on my plot but I admit that sometimes I go around and "taste test."  Most people have stopped gardening for the winter and some of my neighbors have offered that I could have "as many chives as you can stand." Below: 2 kinds of oregano and 3 kinds of thyme


Above: Dylan is getting back in the baking habit and I'm loving the results.  Below: Henry gets in the Christmas spirit.