Winter CSA @ Waltham Fields

Dylan and I picked up a winter CSA share from Waltham Fields Community Farm for friends who were out of town. We haven't done a CSA because I like to grow stuff myself but I was really impressed with the offerings. The chalkboard lists everything included in a share that week.

The 2015 winter CSA cost $200 for three shares, spaced at 2 week intervals. It is a lot of food and all organically grown. Dylan and I could barely carry it all. The root vegetables, onions, and winter squash will store for a while but I imagine it takes a creative and disciplined cook to make use of all the leafy greens before the next pick-up.

We kept some carrots and potatoes as "payment" for vegetable delivery. They were delicious roasted up in the oven with a little smoked sausage. The potatoes were so much more flavorful that what I've gotten from the store. I have vowed to try growing my own potatoes next year - or maybe just buy more from local farms. We also bought these darling oyster mushrooms at the farmstand. I sautéed them in butter with fresh sage and a dash of vermouth and served over pasta. Yum!