Where Have I been?

Warning: This post is all about me, feelings, and not really about gardening.

Why no blog in almost 2 months?

Truth: I've been moping.  Autumn hit me pretty hard this year. Yes, it is a beautiful time of pumpkins, apples, and fiery foliage, but especially in New England, it also marks the beginning of a very cold, dark winter.  In the past few years gardening has guided how I structure my time, how I eat, and how I exercise, while the community plot and related volunteer work provided social interaction and a sense of purpose. (it is also the reason I started this blog)  The loss I feel at the waning of my garden is natural but I don't always handle it well. In case you are worried about me and depression, just know I've got some fine health professionals, a very supportive husband and dog, a new "daylight" therapy lamp, an exercise regimen, and a big sack of grapefruits.  I'm already starting to feel better.

It hasn't been all frost and spent plants - Mom and Dad came to visit and we got out to Rockport, MA for some delicious harbor-side lobster.  Dylan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  We hosted friends for a simple Thanksgiving dinner.  My banjo playing is coming along and I finished knitting two sweaters just in time. The dahlia a friend gave me finally bloomed. (just in time for me to dig it up and stash it in the basement)

There are also some life changes brewing.  It has been hard but I have decided to seriously look for a career outside of music.  The supply of talented, worthy musicians far outstrips the employment opportunities. These days the music business is like musical chairs, except each time a chair is eliminated, three more people join the game. It helps to be talented and ruthless but in the end it comes down to being in the right place when the music stops. It is time to try something new. I've tried "doing what I love" and now I'm going to try "doing something I don't hate and pays pretty well with good hours, short commute, and interesting coworkers."  For the past 2-3 years I've been learning computer programming on the sly and recently started applying for jobs.  I've had some interviews and second interviews and I think this might actually work out.  In a general sense, I can build websites.  More specifically, I have learned to write computer code in a variety of languages (ruby, python, go, javascript) and get a kick out of manipulating data to make it useful and accessible. My next project should really be to rebuild the blog from scratch. Maybe even add comments ;)

Don't worry, there will still be gardening and crafting and exploring and blogging and Henry. Thanks for all of your support.