Welcome to Boston - did you bring your snow shovel?

Luckily our neighbors let us borrow their shovels so we could dig out a spot at 11:45 last night.  It was not the most fun I've had, but Dylan seems to get a grim enjoyment out of shoveling.  We got packed up and moved out of the apartment in Maryland at record speed, forgetting only a few minor things, and now we are settled in Cambridge.  Henry has been a real trooper.  Moving makes him nervous and needy but mostly he behaved very well.  Below: Henry and Dylan take a break from packing.

This morning we let Henry out into the back yard to romp in the snow.  He had a blast jumping around, playing on the hillside, and tired himself out. We supervised pretty closely, those fences aren't  nearly as high with the snow drifts and we don't want him to learn how easy and fun it is to jump them.  This evening I'll walk him around the neighborhood if the sleet isn't too bad.