Once the rain stopped on Saturday morning I took advantage of the rare break in the heat to do some weeding at the garden.  I left Dylan and Henry at home for some male bonding. I actually enjoy a good weeding session when it isn't heat stroke weather and there were definitely enough weeds to keep me busy.

My main goal was to make my plot less attractive to the voles.  The borage was the first to go.  I am never planting that stuff again.  It was supposed to be a nice companion plant; good in salads and you can put the pretty blue flowers in your Pimm's Cup.  Unfortunately the borage quickly outgrew everything in that bed and the stalks were covered with tiny thorns so it was a real pain to pull up. I dumped the borage on the compost heap and weeded for another 2 hours or so, filling the wheelbarrow a second time with weeds.

I forgot to take an "after" picture, or maybe it just didn't look that much better.  Instead, I have a picture of my neighbor's amazing, 5ft tall, lavender bush. 

Henry is exhausted after his trip to the Catonsville farmer's market this morning where he got a lot of petting.  I picked up some peaches, blackberries, jalapeños, and a beautiful cantaloupe.