We have an apartment!

Today Dylan is moving into our new place in West Cambridge, between Fresh Pond and Mt. Auburn Cemetery.  We live on the first floor and share the fenced yard and basement with the upstairs neighbors.  There are two bedrooms, a dining room, and a big kitchen, so everyone needs to come visit.  Dylan plans to bike to work when the weather is nice and when it isn't he can catch a bus to Harvard Square and take the T in to work.  "The T" is the subway - I'm learning my Boston vocabulary.

We are going to try those storage crates that you pack yourself and the company ships to your destination.  They arrive next Thursday, Dylan flies down Friday, we pack & clean, and drive back up to Boston together on Sunday.  So I've got a week to get everything done and yet here I am writing the blog.  Always have been a procrastinator.  I took Henry to the conservancy for a woodland walk this morning.  17 degrees is pretty painful, even with many layers of clothing, but he doesn't seem to notice. I was excited to see more brussel sprouts at the garden but then I realized they were frozen through - hard as rocks.    

Below:  When it hasn't been snowing or 60 mph winds this week it has been raining and the rivers are very high.  The Patapsco was hitting the bridge a few mornings ago and had actually gone down 3 feet or so before I got there.