Wasting Thyme

I love a good groan inducing pun. Anyway, at Master Urban Gardener class on Saturday we learned about plant diseases and how to identify and treat them. One of the most practical pieces of advice was "if you have just one diseased plant, chuck it. Why keep typhoid Mary where she can infect the others?"

I probably should have chucked my indoor thyme plants at the beginning of the winter when they started suffering from aphids, but I thought I could save them. The one I chopped to the ground never regrew and the other looks awful.

There's even little dusty things under the plant, which could be dead aphids or spores or something else nasty, but the point is, this is not some heirloom, valuable plant that needs saving. Keeping it on my light table risks spreading the problem to my vegetable seedlings. So both thyme plants got stuck on the back porch until I decide what to do with them. I'll probably dump the dirt on the hillside and put the pots in the recycle bin. I should sanitize the plant label too.