Visit from the Aged P's

Mom and Dad were here visiting with us for 10 days.  We had a great time sightseeing and just hanging out.  I also enjoyed the chance to see some parts of the city I don't usually get to. Above: in Beacon Hill Below: touring "Old Iron Sides" 

(I'm not sure what she's gesturing about, but doesn't Mom look happy?)

We also enjoyed some fantastic porch-sitting weather and Mom and Dad were a huge help at the garden. They planted my tomatoes, strung the fabulous pea-trellis, and weeded the whole plot. Dad also decided to clear some brush and build terraces on the "Shady Hillside of Plant-Death". Coming from Houston, they really loved the cool weather and loamy soil.

Mom and Dad were public transit pro's by the end of the trip. Henry completely fell in love with them and continues to morn their departure.  My elbow is now probably 90% healed and I can hyper-extend it just like before my fall. Things are looking good. More garden posts coming soon!