Skippy's Vegetable Planting Apps

The Flowers & Herbs App is our latest app release, but the Vegetable Planting Apps are still going strong. Full-disclosure: I built them. I get paid a little when the app sells, and I think it is a pretty great little tool!

Last year we released Skippy's Vegetable Planting Calendar (iOS and Android), an app that helps you plan for spring, fall, and winter seed sowing. We also divided it into 3 single-season apps, Spring, Fall, and Winter, for gardeners who only wanted part of the info. Our users helped us with suggestions and patience as we worked out a few kinks and the 2016 versions have more vegetable options and are more reliable.

As phone software evolves, I keep updating the apps to work on the latest operating systems. My next task is to update the 'send reminders' function so it works with iOS 9plus.

I use this app constantly during the gardening season. Maybe you are in front of an alluring seed rack, wondering if you still have time to plant peas or maybe you always intend to start lettuces for a fall crop but never really know when to do it - these are perfect occasions to consult Skippy's Vegetable Planting Calendar app.

This app is great for just about everyone, except my beloved gulf coast/tropical gardeners. If you usually don't get frost during your 'winter', this is not the app for you. Grow some citrus and bask in the warmth.

So, consider supporting this gardener/programmer/bassoonist and check out our apps on iTunes or GooglePlay. If you have the app and liked it, leave us a review! If you have the app and don't like it, send us some feedback so we can improve it.

(in case you were curious, Kathy and I are not getting filthy rich from apps just yet. The Apple and GooglePlay stores take a cut and we split the rest. We don't put advertisements in our apps because we think they are annoying, so we just get the $1.99 or $.99, depending on the app)