Two Cemeteries in One Exciting Weekend!

Maybe it isn't everyone's idea of a fun afternoon, but I've always enjoyed a good historic cemetery. On Saturday we walked across the street to Mt. Auburn Cemetery, famous for the beautiful landscaping and a tower that, when open, offers some of the best views of Boston.  The tower was closed, but we still had some great views from the hill. There were a lot of interesting memorials, crypts, and chapels, but the inscription on this one caught my eye, "Wife: lived nobly, suffered bravely, died cheerfully."


The snowdrops were up at Mt. Auburn and I'm excited to see what else blooms this spring.  All the trees were labelled and the birders have a sightings board at the front gate.  We were surprised to see a coyote making its way through the park.  It looked well fed, properly wary of humans, and I guess it helps control the small mammal population.  On Saturday night I played my first real gig since moving at the big cathedral in Providence, Rhode Island.  The cathedral was beautiful and I think I made a good impression.

Today we decided to skip the craziness of the St. Patrick's day parade and do some relaxed exploring in Cambridge.  The weather was a balmy 35 degrees with bright sun and a gentle breeze.  We walked around Harvard Square and visited the Cambridge Common.  You know you aren't in the South anymore when the monuments say things like "the war for the maintenance of the Union."  We also stopped at the Old Burying Ground, Cambridge's first cemetery. Established around 1635, this was the only place to be buried in Cambridge for almost 100 years, so there are soldiers, slaves, poor people, and rich people all together.  Many didn't get a permanent headstone but the ones with the "death's head" design are some of the oldest.