Last fall I tried planting darwin hybrid tulips for the first time. I am pleased, they started blooming after the daffodils and will hopefully bridge the gap until the azaleas, salvias and snaps get going.

The little species tulips came back again this year and I swear there's more of them. The intense red is pretty much impossible to photograph with my phone.

For almost a week, I had the perfect combo: Daffodils, muscari, and creeping phlox all in bloom. The yellow daffs have faded now but the foliage is still fresh looking at least. The Pink Charm and Thalia daffodils have taken over but I miss the bright yellow. I will look for a later blooming yellow daffodil to add next fall.

Even with big showy tulips and daffodils, the garden can look a bit hodge-podge from a distance. The bare spots will fill in quickly once it warms up a little more. We're still in the low 40's at night here.