Travels: Newport News, Virginia

I'm on the road a lot this month with Lyric Opera Virginia, we're playing Carmen.  On Friday morning I went to Newport News Park for a little hiking and birdwatching before it got too hot and humid.  There were a lot of nice trails around the lake and the mosquitos weren't that bad.  

In addition to the usual bird suspects (chickadees, mallards, herons, osprey etc) I also saw a Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Red headed Woodpecker, and most exciting, a pair of Prothonotory Warblers.  This was a new bird for me and I will be entering it into my Life List when I get home. (For non-birdnerds, a life list is like a journal/checklist in which you can record your bird sitings over a lifetime, though some birders also keep checklists for the year or certain areas)  I wasn't able to get a picture of the Prothonotory Warblers with my phone, but you can get more info and pictures at the Cornell Ornithology Lab site here.  I've been hoping to see one for years, they are so beautiful with a distinctive yellow chest that turns more golden on the head.