Tourist time - visiting the North End

Saturday the weather was beautiful and we decided to go explore the North End. Also known as Boston's Little Italy, the streets were packed with both tourists and locals doing Easter shopping and basking in the sunshine. We walked all over the neighborhood, got a tasty cheap lunch, ate some pastries, and bought fresh porcini ravioli to take home for dinner. On the way home we bought two patio chairs and celebrated the "first day Amelia wasn't super cold" on the porch.  

Above: Unfortunately Galleria Umberto sold out of arancini (fried risotto balls with meat stuffing) right before we ordered, but the calzone, pizzette (pizza dough with a roll of salami inside), and panzarotti (fried mashed potato ball with cheese and herbs inside) were all delicious. Below: We checked out a lot of bakeries but settled on Maria's pastry for our sweets.  The cannoli were great but our favorite was the sfogliatelle  - flaky layered crust with ricotta and citron filling. 

I said above that Saturday was the first day I wasn't cold since moving to Boston, which is true, but I was still wearing a thermal undershirt, wool sweater, jacket, boots, and a wool hat.