I get really excited about homegrown tomatoes.  In the summer I can eat almost a pound of tomato per day. I love them on bread with balsamic vinegar and basil, in salads, sauces, or salsas, or just sliced with salt for breakfast. This year I hope to do some canning.

There is space planned for 6 tomato plants in the 2012 plot.  Last year I started way too many plants and had to force them on people so I’m limiting myself to 1 or 2 seedlings of each variety.  Hopefully people at the community garden will want any spares. I kept the seeds on wet paper towels in a plastic bag until the roots popped out. Then I transferred them to my toilet paper/ seed starting tubes. This way I don't waste space on seeds that aren't going to sprout. I am particularly proud of remembering  to label my seedlings this year 

2012 Varieties:

  • Constoluto Genovese - sprouted very quickly, tomatoes are supposed to be big, red and traditional, shaped like those little ornamental pumpkins
  • Mom’s Mystery Tomato - she thinks it may have been a cherokee purple but mostly remembers that it tasted really good and that it was from Whole Foods. This is our first attempt at saving and planting seeds from a store tomato.
  • Black from Tula  - purplish-brown tomato from Russia, it looked cool.
  • Riesentraube - traditional red cherry that gets its name because the fruits grow like a "bunch of grapes." I loved it last year but can’t get seeds to germinate this year, maybe I should have bought new seeds rather than being cheap and trying to use old ones.  Looks like cherry tomatoes will be bought at the farmers market this year unless I can get a trade plant.
  • Huge Lemon Oxheart - big sweet yellow tomato, another leftover from last year, germination rate is much weaker this time around but I’ve got two gimpy ones sprouted. 
  • Pink Honey - free as part of a garden website promotion, looks tasty.  

All my tomato seeds this year are from Baker Creek with the exception of Mom’s Mystery Tomato.