Tomatoes are here!

I took Henry for a brisk walk before heading to the garden for about and hour and a half. He whined a bit when I left, but he was snoozing when I got home and I didn't notice anything out of place. At 1pm I'll drag him out for a short walk but he seems happy to go 3-4 hours without a break.  Maybe he just thinks it is too hot.

Tomatoes from left on dog: Costoluto Genovese (2), Pink Honey, and Black from Tula

Below: Henry's favorite method of getting attention is to show us his belly. Works like a charm.

I've noticed bird pecks in my neighbors' ripe tomatoes so I have decided to pick mine just after they start to turn and finish ripening them at home. There's a lot of fruit on my plants but they did pick up a bit of blight from being on the ground after our storm, so they won't be winning any beauty contests.  I also harvested about 2 servings of green beans, onions, and some more cilantro.