Tomatoes are here

From Left: Sungold Cherry, Red Zebra, Sweet Baby Girl Cherry, Stupice, Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple?

We haven't eaten fresh tomatoes since September 2012. The ones I canned were surprisingly tasty and useful, but we ran out 3 months ago. I hope this year will produce a bumper crop if I can keep the late blight off.  The Sungolds are a little too sugary for my tastes and the plants are kind of lanky and disorganized. The Sweet Baby girl cherries have a nice acidic bite.  This is my first year trying Stupice, a variety known for being early. It was the first full size tomato to ripen but the plant is runty and the flavor is not amazing. I've been making a lot of "tabouleh" salad with wads of herbs, onion, radish, cucumber, lemon juice, and bulgur, probably not quite authentic but it goes really well with chopped tomatoes and a little feta.  

The front flower garden has exceeded expectations.  I can't really walk the paths anymore but everyone thinks the 9ft sunflower forest is pretty great. There are tons of pollinators, mostly bumble bees, but I've spotted some honey bees as well.  I've been collecting flower seed all over the neighborhood for next year.