Tomatoes and Peppers are deployed

I'm trying Florida weave with some of my tomatoes this year.  Tomato cages never seem quite big enough and the materials for the weave method were less expensive. I worry it will be a messy jungle by midsummer but you don't know until you try.  Total, including backyard plants, I've got 15 tomatoes, 4 bell peppers, 2 sweet italian, 2 cubanelle, 2 jalapeno, and a habanero plant.  Looks like I'll be canning salsa again this year.  The spring vegetables are getting big and my summer vegetables, green beans and cucumbers are sprouting.  We may be eating salads by next week.

Last weekend we had a great time hanging out with Mom and Dad Farnsworth before they left for Ireland.  I'm going to be nice and let them "approve" photos before I post them on the blog, but here's the awesome sign for they made for my garden plot.  Everyone at the garden decorates their plots and mine used to say "Hansen Farm."  This is much more appropriate and guaranteed to make an impression with the Yankees.

My first Hungarian Breadseed Poppy bloomed today. Pretty amazing that such a cool plant came from such a small seed. I'm also hoping to get a clump of these crazy orange perennial poppies from a community garden neighbor for next year's front yard. Yellow house, blue door, fuschia "claw-your eyes-out" azaleas, orange poppies = perfect!  Now I just need some fancy black hollyhocks to complete the deranged cottage garden theme.