Tiny Broccoli

Dylan took a break from interviews today to help me pick herbs at the garden.  We also found some tiny second harvest broccoli florets.  (I cut off the main heads weeks ago but let the plant keep growing)  They will barely make a snack but are too adorable to let go to waste.  

  • Wait, Dylan & interviews? yep, he's looking for a new job.  No, we didn't expect to be doing that the week before Christmas, but we're making it work and I'm pretty sure things will turn out for the best. In the mean time I'm eating lots of cookies.

We've got a cold front coming and the wind prevented me from taking any garden pictures.  Brussels sprouts still look too small to eat.  Tonight I'm going to make some chive & sour cream drop-biscuits to perk up our 4th round of beef stew.  The stew is actually really nice with potatoes, carrot, and parsnip, but I think the biscuits and a little parsley will help keep the left-overs interesting. Also, keep your fingers crossed - I may have located a source for homemade Texas style tamales for Christmas dinner.  

Below: Being Henry isn't easy.  Just like a toddler, he gets kind of sad when he gets tired and then he crashes in a heap. The thunder shirt helps him handle the anxiety of knowing that as soon as he falls asleep, the party will start.