Time to Start Seeds

Was it necessary to keep my onion seedlings under the desk lamp on my reed table?  Not really, but I was preparing for a bassoon audition and it was nice to be able to watch them grow while I practiced and made reeds.  These are "Long Red of Parma" onions. Today I started chamomile, parsley, thyme, and wild "zaatar" oregano.  

Note: Audition has past, I did not win, we don't have to talk about it.

Most of my flower seeds are wintersown in containers out in the yard, but indoors I have started "Coral Nymph" Salvia, "Rose Queen" Salvia, Craspedia, "Bowles Black" Viola, and some Veronica Spicata. The radiator cabinet works nicely as a warm germination area. After the seedlings have sprouted and I'm done "playing" with them, I move them down to the light table in the basement. I am using recycled take-out containers for the flats and in about two weeks I will start using my soil-blocker for broccoli and cauliflower.

We had a lot of snow. About half of it melted over the weekend. There is more coming. Not much else to say about that.

Below: I took this picture of Mt Auburn Cemetery while waiting for the bus in a snow storm last week.

This weekend Dylan and I went to the Wayland Winter Farmers market and Fiber Festival.  We had a great time petting the yarns, angora rabbits, and lambs, and sampling the foods.