Time Flies

I got a bike! I've wanted one for a long time and finally made the commitment.  Don't worry, I got a helmet too and will actually wear it.  Since it has been about 15 years since I rode a bike for any distance, I was planning on taking a few test runs around the neighborhood.  Turns out the bike wouldn't fit in the car (because of the fenders) so, I rode it home from  the bike shop near Central Square.  It was great fun but I'm a little sore too.  (Also, that fabulous plaid shirt is one of my latest sewing creations)

I blame my recent lack of blog posts on a wonderful visit by Dylan's grandparents, and Dylan's brother getting married in Oberlin, Ohio. I am very excited to have Heather as a sister-in-law, and as a gesture of good faith I will not post any of the pictures I took of her because she was making weird faces. Everyone else is out of luck.

above: Henry loves his Grandma and Grandpa. below: The Farnsworths before the wedding ceremony.

The garden is really taking off, and as expected, so are the weeds.  The english peas are taller than me now and haven't broken the trellis yet.  I may harvest some this week. We've been eating big garden lettuce salads and vietnamese summer rolls for a few weeks now.     

The tomato plants are small but sturdy. I just added the first levels of florida weave and a top dressing of homemade compost. Yes, that is a piece of bassoon cane in my compost.  This year I planted nasturtium seeds at the end of each bed for a little color and to act as aphid traps.  The broccoli is large but we haven't gotten much in the way of heads.

Below: The first "coral nymph" salvia bloom in the front garden (started from seed and heavily pruned by rabbits)