This week at the plot

My first harvest of the season - a nice bunch of radishes! I like them on salads or as something crunchy to nibble on when eating tacos or enchiladas.

The tomato plants are doing well. The earliest tomato variety, "Stupice" already has a few fruit. This year I made big plant markers so that people can see what varieties are growing. I'm always looking at other garden plots and wishing I knew what they had planted.

I planted a purple clematis "Edda" next to the shade hut and wired on an old horse shoe I found when helping clean out a derelict plot. It goes nicely with the bird nest (which was abandoned before any eggs were laid).

The fava beans are flowering and seem untouched by furry pests. A few of the stems have gross little aphid farms, tended by ants, but I think I'm just going to ignore it. Maybe I'll snip and compost the stems with the most aphids. Aphids are always going to be on something in the garden - not worth pulling out the big guns.

I chased a few baby rabbits out of the plot when I arrived. They have really done some damage this year. The snakes living in my compost bin don't seem big enough to be interested in rabbit.

Rabbit/Vole Destruction Count 2016:

2 blackberry, 1 asparagus, 6 broccoli, 4 eggplant, 1 bell pepper, 8 calendula, 20 lettuce, 8 zinnia, 1 pansy, and severe pea damage.

Most were started from seed so I am not out much money but I am going to be sad if I don't get any peas this year.

I've heard of people using plastic forks around seedlings to deter rabbits. Plastic in the garden is not my favorite thing, but maybe it is not the plastic that keeps rabbits away, maybe instead it is the pointy barriers to easy nibbling? Since I was feeling desperate, but still too cheap and lazy to redo my whole fence, I collected sticks for a natural pointy barrier.

Maybe the buns will be too suspicious and lazy to go for my sweet shelling peas and instead eat the field peas in the adjacent bed. (I was trying field pea as a companion/living mulch for broccoli, but the rabbits ate out the broccoli seedling, so now I just have a cover crop)

My remaining spring crops - beans, cucumbers, and melons will probably get sown at the plot this evening or tomorrow. That's about week late, but the weather has been slow to warm up and I've been busy (the real reason). A fellow BVG gardener, Milena kindly shared this lovely "Green Finger" cucumber she grew from seed with me. I am excited to try this Beit Alpha type that should be really nice for fresh eating as well as pickling. I may grow it in my little backyard bed though, to protect it from the cucumber beetles.