The plot is still frozen

Dylan and I headed out to the garden on Saturday morning, excited to turn over some beds and get the peas and favas started.  It was not to be.  The plots at the center of the garden were snow-free but the "south side" plots were still deep in snow and ice.  I think with the rain we're getting today it will be gone by next weekend. 

I was happy to start clearing up the flower beds in the front yard - no snow left there. I think the rosemary died but most other things look like they will come back; creeping phlox, lamb's ear, asters, snow in summer, catnip & oregano (of course), pink yarrow, rudbeckia, pincushion flower, sedum, lavender, hyssop, and maybe even a few snapdragons. Not a bad place to start! As soon as the rain stops I can plant out my black viola seedlings, bearded iris tubers (a gift from sis-in-law Elly) and move the giant hosta clumps to a shadier spot in the back yard. The lupine, iceland poppy, alyssum, and shasta daisy seeds have sprouted in the winter-sowing containers.