The Plot in May - Vegetables

My after school garden class at the elementary school has ended and I finally have some time to catch up on the blog. I definitely prioritized actual gardening over writing-about-gardening, but I admit, I missed the writing and sharing of pictures.

The fence upgrades (hardware cloth buried all around and added to the gate) seem to have done the trick against the voles. I've managed to keep all my broccoli and lettuce seedings, and grow an enviable row of peas. Last year all these crops were vole food - really frustrating.

This year I'm trying a slightly different trellis for the english peas - a little more narrow and vertical with a combination of t-posts, bamboo stakes, twine, and some gathered pea sticks. This gave me room to plant 2 rows of shallots (a new crop for me) and a row of red onions in the same bed.

I've also got a new tomato trellis system this year. You can see the bright new wood posts that Dylan installed for me. More about that in a later post. In the next bed I've got a single row of "Vroma" fava beans, two rows of lettuce that I bought as seedlings, a patch of sugar snap peas, some radishes, and yesterday I planted seeds for the melons that will take over after the lettuce is harvested. You can also see the garlic getting big in the far right.

Earlier in May I planted two rows of fingerlings - "La ratte" and some kind with red insides - that my friend Kathy gave me. They are all putting out nice leaves now.

The tomatoes and peppers went in last week and I'm running out of space. The last bed is reserved for green beans but the weather has been too cold and wet to start on that. The wet weather did produce a very exciting find in my woodchip path - a morel!

It was a little old when I found it and inhabited by a few potato bugs, so I didn't eat it, but it smelled amazing. Dylan and I did a lot of research and decided that it was a true morel -
note the very hollow inside - but mushroom foraging can be dangerous business. Maybe next year I'll add an inoculated mushroom log to the plot.