The never-ending Blizzard of '15

I really can't complain - I got to take a whilrwind trip to sunny Texas in the middle to see the Fannins while Dylan and Henry shoveled snow.  I had a great trip and don't have many pictures because I tried to spend  more time with family and less time behind my phone/camera.  I also had some quality time with my beloved dog-sister, Molly, who passed unexpectedly only a week later.  She shared the backseat of the car with me and rode with her head in my lap all the way to San Antonio and back. We will miss her but are comforted in knowing she hit the rescue doggie jack-pot with my parents, lived a long, full life, and and was not in pain at the end. 

After last weekend's storm Dylan attempted to build an igloo but Henry has claimed it as his yard-throne.  We also finally made blizzard breakfast - credit goes to Dylan for the fantastic challah french toast.

So what have I been doing?  I have been building a "seed-sowing calendar" phone app for my friend Kathy, who coordinates the community garden and writes about gardening at I have learned a lot about app building and soon we hope to have it up for sale on the appstore (droid version coming soon after).  I started using the old version of Kathy's sowing calendar before I met her, back when I lived in Maryland so it was easy to imagine how it would be useful as a phone app.  Don't worry, when it is ready I'll post it.

Today I started two trays of onions, Ailsa Craig and Red Wethersfield (thanks to Celeste for the Christmas gift of a Seed Savers gift cert). They are now basking in the warmth of the radiator cabinet.  If I can find my Long Red of Florence seeds, I'll plant some of those too. 

I had extra potting soil (I hack it off the promix bale, drag it up from the basement, and rehydrate it in a bucket in the kitchen) so I filled a few more wintersowing containers.  I planted Liatris, Astilbe, Blue Star Stokesia, Bronze Fennel, Helenium,  Rosanna Sidalcea, Coreopsis, Swamp Milkweed, and Aunt Barb's Purple Coneflower.  

And of course, more Henry. He hates that sweater but loves the attention it gets him.