The Blog Experiment

I have never blogged before.  I read plenty of blogs and my thoughts about them run the gamut, from "wow, what an interesting and inspirational medium" to "here's a dollar, please just go buy yourself a journal."  So here I am, making the leap.

The goal of this blog is to share my garden experience with interested family and friends, most of whom live far away and regretably cannot just stop by for a coffee. I plan to write about my half plot at the community garden, the Patio of Plenty, cooking/preserving food, and probably the occasional crafty moment. There will be pictures. If this sort of stuff bores you, that's cool.  Please don't feel like you HAVE to read my blog; there will not be a quiz at the next family gathering.  If you find me lapsing into music "shop-talk" or career related self pity, send me a message (or a dollar for a journal).