The Big Basil Harvest

Frozen homemade pesto is such a treat during the winter.   We headed out to the Howard Conservancy early on Saturday for the Big Basil Harvest. I went to the garden and the boys explored the trails for a few hours.  I planted a lot of basil this year, tucking it between tomato plants and in to all the flower borders, so the harvest was pretty huge.  I cut down most of the basil bushes, leaving stumps to encourage a little end of season fresh growth. I also cut a few bundles of chives. 

In the background you can see my broccoli/brussels tent. So far I'm staying one step ahead of the rabbits and caterpillars.  The green beans are producing well and I just harvested my first chard.  Henry really likes the garden but we have to watch him very carefully so he doesn't attempt to fertilize anything.

Harvesting was the fun part.  We spent the rest of the day washing, picking, trimming, blending, and freezing with a spontaneous side trip to the Holy Rosary Polish Festival (next post). We ended up with about 4 cups of Basil & Chive pesto and a 1/2 cup of basil puree, frozen into little 1 tablespoon cubes.  Our pesto has olive oil, pine nuts, salt and pepper, and a bit of garlic but we skip the parmesan because that can get really pricey and we'd rather grate some fresh if possible. This time we used some lemon basil instead of actual lemon juice.