The Aftermath

Actually, we had it easy and were very lucky.  There was only a brief power outage on Sunday morning and we didn't have any damage to our cars or apartment.  Henry even handled it all pretty well, though he doesn't know the meaning of "do your business, make it quick!."  Afterwards he really enjoyed climbing and sniffing the big piles of wood chips left by the tree trimming crews.

The garden looks about like it did before the storm, just now everything leans to the east.  In my plot, I have baseball sized heads of broccoli and a softball sized head of cauliflower that should be ready on Monday.  Today I helped harvest the food bank plot and it was an impressive haul.  Below: 4 sacks of Kale, green onions, swiss chard, parsley, and cilantro.

We started harvesting the bigger heads of broccoli just in case we get an early snow storm. No picture: Eight big heads of iceberg lettuce for the food bank.