Thanksgiving & Garlic

After elections, family visits, Thanksgiving, and starting a part-time job (office administrator for an Episcopal church) it is time to get back to the blogging.

I roasted up two of my home-grown delicata squash for Thanksgiving. I tossed them in a Syrian seven-spice mix and topped them with toasted walnuts and drizzles of pomegranate molasses and tahini dressing. The flavors were good but the texture still bugged me. (I did take the seeds out) I'm going to try few more variations before deciding I'm just not a "squash person". They are so easy to grow that it seems like something we should eat.

On Thanksgiving Day, we saw a coyote in the neighborhood. I was a little worried it might be rabid at first, but we think that there was so little traffic and noise that it decided to cross between the Fresh Pond and Mt Auburn Cemetery at midday. Henry puffed up and barked a few times and the coyote ran behind a house.

Even with all the fall craziness, I managed to order and plant a selection of garlic. This year's crop was really small, so I wanted a fresh start and to try some new varieties. I went with a "sample pack" designed for northern gardeners. I didn't take a lot of pictures because the sun was setting and I needed to work fast.

Here's the four varieties:

Straw mulch is usually considered a good idea for garlic but I'm skipping it this year to discourage the voles from nesting in my plot over winter. For more about planting garlic, read last year's post, Planting Garlic