Texas Wildflowers

I was back in Texas at the end of April for the Fannin Family Reunion. The weather was nice and cool for that time of year so Dylan and I didn't completely go into heat shock. Though a little late for the main crop of bluebonnets, the wildflowers on the country roads between San Antonio and Fredericksburg were quite beautiful.

We spent the night in Comfort, a town where my grandmother's side of the family lived. The historic buildings were well preserved and though there wasn't much going on a Sunday evening, it was perfect for weary travelers in need of some peace and quiet. Below, the Ingenhuett homestead, country store (rebuilt after the fire as a party/wedding venue), and our view from the back terrace of the Ingenhuett hotel (now called Hotel Faust)

The yarn shop, The Tinsmith's Wife, was an unexpected surprise with a great selection and friendly cats.

Back to plants for a moment, I noticed that many businesses in the hillcounty area were including artichokes in their decorative landscaping, often in containers. The effect was really cool and I wonder if some were harvested and eaten. Artichokes don't usually make it through the winters here in New England, but I've heard you can get at least a few heads with careful timing.