Surprise Asparagus

Today I noticed some asparagus spears poking up through the weeds in the proposed melon bed.  Now I'm glad I didn't shovel all of the rows at once, but I'll have to find a new place for the melons. I've read that asparagus don't like to share space with other plants.  So far there are only three or four spears (about 2-3 inches tall) but maybe there will be more. 

Below: "Brown Dutch" lettuce transplanted to the garden.  I got the seeds as a souvenir at Monticello last spring.  It is a little pale from being under lights in the basement, but will get darker and speckled with more sunlight.

There's at least another two weeks before the tomatoes can be planted outside but I've been trying to make sure they get enough exercise and pinch off the early blooms. Over the weekend Henry helped Dylan with bicycle maintenance. We love having a patio and today I bought a little grill.