Summer Flowers

In late July and August the big pollinator attractors get going in my flower garden. Things get a little wild and bushy, but I don't do much trimming at this point. I ended up with a lot of white and light pink from the shasta daisies, gaura, white liatris, and traditional coneflowers. They look nice but a not wild and crazy enough - I need more red and purple for next year!

I hope that dark red helenium in the middle of the bed (see below) gets bigger. I might need to move it somewhere with a bit more sun and space. I also forgot to plant a few sunflowers and I really miss them.

above - Rosanna Sidalcea
below - veronica spicata "purplicious" - silly name but a great plant, doesn't flop and will bloom a few times if you deadhead.

The garden looks great, just not as colorful in late summer as I had envisioned.

On the other hand, the wild side of the garden that I used to consider the "dead zone" (poor soil and really dry) looks great. The corner has rudbeckia, milkweed, thread leaf coreopsis, purple liatris, goldenrod, hyssop, and some escaped mint.

I saw a monarch checking out the milkweed, but haven't seen any caterpillars.

I chucked some four o'clock seeds in the other corner and now I have this monstrous bush that has to be propped up against the gutter. It smells great and I'll never need to buy four o'clock seeds again. Also - I must remember to get out there and whack down the "tree of heaven" that has shown up in front of the basement window.