Starting the Fall Garden

The weather is starting to feel like Fall. Temperatures still get up to the 90's but over the weekend we were able to open the windows in the morning.  Today I sowed seeds for romaine lettuce, spinach, corn salad, and shell peas.    

A really cute toad came to investigate the bugs I was turning up. He looked well-fed.

My brussel sprout seedlings are surviving but I may buy some back-ups at the fall plant sale.  Broccoli, cauliflower, chard, and kale seedlings are on my shopping list as well.

The beetles have been busy but the Christmas Limas have set pods despite the leaf damage.

The remaining 4 tomato plants on my original plot are bare for the first 2-3 feet, but the tops are green.  My poles aren't long enough to keep them staked so they are all flopped over and starting to look pretty ugly.  I'm pulling these two up as soon as the fruits ripen.