In Mt Auburn cemetery yesterday a little stone cherub prayed for spring.

It is here!!!!!  

My bulbs aren't blooming yet but theres been a lot going on under the snow.

The winter sowing encampment has emerged from the snowbank.  I think the theme for this year's sowing might be "flowers with seeds the size of dust", so we'll see how everything turns out.  My most recent additions were: dwarf goat's beard, blue lobelia, sweet woodruff, blue rock cress, bells of Ireland, Blue Fescue, blue-eyed grass, sedum 'Oracle', peony poppy 'flemish antique', carpathian harebell, allysum compacta and black violas.

Inside on the radiator I started: Penstemon, Orange Snapdragons, 2 kinds of agastache, rudbeckia 'spotlight', Sea lavender statice, kiwi blue honeywort, and coreopsis mahogany midget. As soon as the bag of lobster compost thaws I'll start my broccoli, kale, cauliflower, etc.

Below: a selfie in my latest knitted creation - designed to showcase that fabulous button from my Aunt Barb.