Spring Planning

My daffodils are coming along.  One never sprouted but the other two have been busy.  It has been fun to watch the roots take over the bowl.  Today it warmed up enough to stand on the porch, and the yard looks like a muddy mess.  I moved our little Christmas tree out to the porch as a 'landing pad' for the songbirds when they visit the feeder. I'm sure we'll get more cold and snow before Spring though.

Below: the first installment of wintersown containers.  2 kinds of bellflower, sheep's bit, black hollyhock, silver speedwell, ajuga, prunella, and bronze leaf lychnis. I definitely need to get busy sowing more containers.

The terraces Dad helped me put on the back hillside seem to be holding the leaves and other compost (ok, just yard waste). The hillside tends to be dry shade, with very little topsoil. The past two years it has been almost completely bare but the terraces  and tree pruning should improve things

I think I'm going to order mid-highbush blueberry for the "raised bed".  Dylan has agreed to dig out the hosta and daylilly that currently occupy the raised bed and help me amend the soil. I also found a source for affordable (small) native seedlings.  Maybe Elderberry, American Hazelnut, or NineBark would survive up there, add some interest, and hold the soil. I really like the idea of growing hazelnuts in my backyard. Oh, and a chicago hardy fig for the front yard!