Spring is finally here

Spring is finally here! Dylan and I celebrated with a trip out to the famous Clambox in Essex for fried belly clams and scallops. It was quite a treat, thank goodness they aren't closer by! (The building is shaped like a box of clams - get it?)

I started off the season by turning over a few beds at the plot and planting english peas (Tall Telephone), fava beans, and sweet peas along the fence (for the flowers). This variety of fava, extra precoce a grano violetto, has beautiful purple beans, though they are green when you cook them.  In a week or two I'll plant a bed of the more common broad windsor fava. We really want to eat more favas this spring. Below: pre-soaking

Above: Purple favas going in the ground.  Below: hardening off the brassicas, spinach,  onions, lettuce, and herbs. I am very excited about the "cutting celery" (far right, looks like small parsley or cilantro) - it is a new herb for me and everything I've read says it has a more intense flavor, great for soups, and easier to grow than the big stalky celery.

Another sign of spring - Henry has started panting and sulking in the "heat", so rather than try to shave his dense winter coat (very undiginified), we got a furminator. This is just from his first brushing session and his coat still feels very thick. We left it in the yard for the birds.