"Special Cheese"

Tonight I cooked up some of the "special cheese" pierogi that we bought at the Polish festival.  I browned them in a pan with some onions and smoked kielbasa and braised a little chard from the garden.  Actually it was almost a grocery sack's worth of chard but the stuff really cooks down.  The cheese filling was sweeter than I expected and similar to ricotta but was really good with horseradish mustard. Below: Chard before cooking

I also packed a nice Kong for Henry to eat during dinner. He likes to chase it into the corner but at least he's occupied.

Today we honor the passing of one of Dylan's favorite pairs of shoes.  He bought them in Maine during the summer of 2008 and wore them for many miles. 

And for your entertainment: Henry tries to climb a telephone pole to get a squirrel.