Long Awaited Sofrito

I finally got around to making a big batch of sofrito today.  I started making sofrito when we lived in Miami but I haven't made it since we moved up to Maryland.  Frozen sofrito is another handy way to add a lot of fresh flavor to dishes in the winter when peppers and tomatoes are out of season.  You can buy jars of sofrito at the store but most of them have a lot of salt and sometimes MSG. Homemade just tastes better.  

I was missing two key ingredients for a really authentic sofrito, culantro and ajices dulces, but I made do with a huge sack of cilantro and assorted bell, cubanelle, and sweet peppers from the garden. I imagine that people who make a lot of sofrito prefer certain ingredient ratios, but I just chop and blend what I've got laying around. This batch is made of tomatoes, sweet peppers, red onion, garlic, cilantro, and a little olive oil.  Rather than eating it raw like a basil pesto, I like to put some in rice, beans, or soups and sauces.

Dylan and Henry had a long hike while I gardened this morning.  Currently I'm harvesting chard and kale, green beans, herbs, and scattered peppers and tomatoes.  In about a week my lettuces should be big enough to start clipping leaves for salads and I'll have radishes to slice on top.  Shell peas and snap peas are coming along and the broccoli and brussels sprouts look great. 

The Community Garden needed someone to coordinate care of the Food Bank Plots for the fall so I volunteered.  We'll see how it goes before I commit to anything more. And no, I will not be paid, but what's new about that?