Signs of Spring

The witch hazel is blooming and the turkeys are back in the neighborhood where we walk Henry.

But hold off on the celebration, we may get a giant blizzard of doom on Wednesday, or just 1-3 inches of snow.  Anyway, the seedlings are coming along nicely in the basement and yesterday I transplanted the tomato seeds from the paper towel incubators to soil blocks .  I'm not even sure why I do the paper towel thing anymore, the tomato seeds I planted directly in soil sprouted faster. Soil probably retains the warmth better between radiator cycles. (I use the radiator cabinet for a germination heat source) I guess I just like being able to see the little hairy roots.

2014 Tomato List:

I am planning to put 12 plants at the plot and 3 in the yard. (2 fewer than last year) The extra plants will be given away or taken to a plant swap. 

Slicers: Stump of the World, Ernesto, Cherokee Purple, Black from Tula

Pastes: Opalka, Santa Maria, Polish Linguisa

Cherry: Mexico Midget, Gardener's Delight, Principe Borgheses (for drying)

Late-Blight Resistant: Legend, Defiant, Mountain Merit, Jasper 

Over the weekend Dylan installed a third grow light in the basement for me. The soil blocks are great, but it is so easy to keep making more rather than being limited by how many little plastic pots I have lying around. I also learned that when dropped on the basement floor, soil blocks turn into dirt.

Above: broccoli and cauliflower seedlings

Below: Coral Nymph Salvia, Rose Queen salvia, and Craspedia (Gold Stick) for the front yard.