Settling in to the new plot

I planted all my brassicas and some lettuce in the other pre-existing frame. These beds are 10' by 3'. With peas and favas in one and brassicas in the other, I can rotate the heavy feeding crops each year and rebuild the soil. I planted extra broccoli this year with plans to eat more and donate some to the food bank.

Broccoli "Green Calabrese",  "DiCiccio", "Purple Peacock", and "Artwork"( an AAS award sample), Broccoli Raab "Foglia d'Olivio", Cauliflower "Self-Blanche", Lacinto Kale, butterhead and "Miracle of 4 Seasons' lettuce. 

On Saturday morning I joined a team of volunteers from The Drunken Knitwits for the Charles River Cleanup.  I had a great time picking up trash, chatting, and enjoying the sunny weather. Meanwhile, Dylan and Henry built a beautiful little gate for the plot. The boulders etc in the ground required the gate shape to accommodate the not-quite straight posts - but it works very nicely.

All the plants I ordered over the winter have started arriving. I was very pleased with the seedlings from the New Hampshire state forest nursery (ninebark, elderberry, american hazelnut, and cranberry) and hope they survive up on our bare hillside of death.  The "Patriot" and "Reka" blueberry bushes and the "Prime Ark Freedom" thornless blackberry seedlings from Nourse Farms also arrived in good shape last week. Next weekend I'll pick up 3 more blueberry, a chicago fig, and some asparagus crowns from the Belmont Food Collaborative Pomona Project. Busy Times!

The 'Ceylon' daffodils in the front yard are everything I hoped for - so bright you can see them down the street!  Below: a scilla meadow in a park near us.