Seed Starting

I’ve been busy starting seeds on my patio.  The weather is warm enough that I don’t have to keep them inside to protect from frost.  Sometimes when it is cool I put my pyrex baking dishes over the seedlings to make little green houses.  Last year I bought seed-starting peat wads, but this year I’m trying to go cheap and earth friendly with the paper egg cartons and toilet paper tubes. The next few posts will be about the different varieties I’m starting.

I hesitate to sow anything directly in my plot because the Community can’t turn the water on until April 1 and I don’t feel like trekking Nalgene bottles of water back and forth.  Speaking of The Community Garden, we had an organizational meeting on Saturday morning.  I assumed it would take 30 minutes tops so I left Dylan in the plot to do some digging.  Almost TWO HOURS later we are released and I find that Dylan has tilled almost the entire plot and may lose the use of his hands due to massive blisters. Yes, the meeting was long winded, but everyone was very friendly and there were tasty home made cookies.  Next time I’ll know to take my knitting and get Dylan some gloves.