Seed Starting

Over the weekend Dylan set up a seed starting table in the basement for me.  I've got tiny broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, and green onions started. The pepper seeds require higher temps to germinate so I put them on the radiator cabinet in moist paper towels.  I really shouldn't start my tomato seeds until the end of March, we'll see if I can restrain myself.  I'm probably going to grow most of the vegetables in containers this year to avoid possible lead contamination issues and control my soil quality.  I'm also looking into "co-gardening" with someone who needs extra help at the community garden. (The wait list for a plot is years long)  

On Saturday morning we walked Henry to Linda's Donuts for our first Boston Cream donut in Boston.  It was good but the real star was the chocolate "old-fashioned" cake donut. Luckily the donut shop is a mile away and parking is a pain, so we'll be walking for our treats.  

Henry on the front porch.

Henry on the back porch.