Sedum in Spring

Sedums are great little plants for the flower garden. Many thrive in poor dry soil and there are plenty that can make it through a New England winter. I think they make better low ground covers than creeping phlox or dianthus because you never have to cut them back. I have a few upright sedum like "Autumn Joy", but the creepers are my favorite.

I don't grow them for the blooms. The flowers can be a bit crazy, like someone who usually dresses in a clean, modern style suddenly shows up in a horrible frumpy gown. The flower stalks shoot up over the plant. Some gardeners go as far as to trim the blooms off but I think they are funny.

I also love how easy these low sedums are to root from cuttings. Snap a branch off and stick it in some soil - new plant! I filled all sorts of funny containers with them on the back porch. I found the broken coffee mug buried in the park and Dylan attached it to the post with a guitar string. There's a bit of paper grocery sack folded up inside to hold the soil in place.