Remembering the Kitty

On Friday morning we took our cat in for her final vet visit.  She had been sick for a while, likely cancer, and we knew it was time.  Dylan and I are glad that she is no longer suffering but we are still sad and the apartment is so quiet without her. 

I don't like cats, for years I had a horrible allergy and they kind of scare me with their claws and changeable moods.  When I first became interested in dating Dylan, I was worried that his cat, Valerie, would be a deal breaker.  Then I figured out she didn't have front claws and after a year of benadryl and sneezing my allergies gradually dissipated. Eventually we became a family - Boy, Girl, and Cat

"Valerie" seems like a silly name for a cat but thats what her rescuers picked when they pulled her from a dumpster on Valentines Day. We had a number of other names for her as well, Waddlesworth, Mew Face, Pudgikins, the Family Unic, filthy creature, and The Shitty. She had bee bee's in her hind leg from where someone shot her and when asked about her breed, Dylan would always answer "South Georgia Short-Tail."  When Val found Dylan she basically won the kitty lottery.  We are happy to have helped her grow from a painfully shy creature that only left the closet at night to a happy cat that would beg for pizza crusts and molest our guests.  I tried to teach her to be a dog and she at least seemed to enjoy a belly rub.

I don't know that we'll ever get another cat - most of them still scare me.  In time we'll find a dog to join our family but we aren't going to rush things.