Ready for Tomatoes

Turns out I jumped the gun and started my tomato seedlings about 3 weeks too early.  They don't like temperatures below 55 and we are probably going to dip into the upper 30's tonight and tomorrow - IN MAY! I've learned that most gardeners here just wait for Memorial Day to plant tomatoes. So now there's 10 tall, spindly plants sulking in the basement. We're going to have to bury them really deep.  

Below: fava bean sprouts (and weeds)

From what I've read, fava plants don't require a support, but I have been busy making trellises out of old fencing for my english peas and snow peas. Dylan says my use of old wire fencing is a tetanus shot waiting to happen - I'm too stubborn and cheap to stop using the rusty fence, but I will actually request a tetanus shot at my check-up with our new GP next week. (I'm not sick, just meeting the new Dr, etc.)

Over the weekend Dylan helped me clean out the back yard composter (left behind by previous tenant) and soon it will join the compost hut behind my garden plot.  I'm pretty thrilled to have acquired 2 free composters and our upstairs neighbors are thrilled to see it gone.  It was a little gross - we found a plastic diaper and a dead bird in there.

Above: Compost hut at garden plot

Below: working on "sit & stay" with Henry


Working hard or hardly working? I've had a few gigs as the concert season finishes and I'll start preparing now for late summer substitute-list auditions.  Getting started freelancing in a new city is always an uphill battle, but I'm feeling pretty hopeful that things will work out here.