Rabbits in the Garden

The @$%! rabbits ate the leaves off my broccoli seedlings. Luckily I had a few under the netting and I was able to replace the others with cabbage and cauliflower left over from the community garden plant sale (and discounted!)  I ripped up an old bed sheet to make a walled enclosure and took out the freshly mulched paths to make room for more plants in the protected area.  Obviously the cloth walls are not rabbit proof but it makes my plants less convenient than my neighbors'. Then I relocated my broccoli sticks to other beds just in case they decide to survive.  I was pretty cranky about the whole thing.

Still getting tomatoes and peppers

and I got a new hat!

Actually I stole it from Dylan.  The brim is much better but I'll have to pair it with a bandanna because the ventilation mesh on the crown doesn't block the sun and I'm getting a funny tan line on my forehead.