Pup update

Henry has been really slow coming back up the hill on walks lately.  On Thursday he kept laying down and we were on the side of the road for 45 minutes before our wonderful neighbor drove by an picked us up.  (someone's getting some cookies!) Back at Henry's first visit, our vet was worried about his hips because he seemed especially sensitive but she suggested getting him some good food and exercise and to keep an eye on it.  So yesterday we went back. Dylan was able to come and hold Henry still so the vet could get a good feel of his hips and she recommended scheduling some x-rays for next week.  We are also starting a glucosamine regimen and changing some of his activities.

This dog loves to sleep and he's a pretty good sport about groggy photography.

Instead of our usual long, hilly morning walk, today Dylan walked Henry down the hill to the park and I drove them back up.  This evening we took him to the state park for a short, flat, but very interesting walk.  Today is the first day in ages that we didn't have to bribe or plead to get him up the stairs.  We actually ate dinner together, at a normal time because he relaxed and made good doggy choices like "chew my toy."  I've gotten pretty good at calming Henry down in the evening- like getting a toddler to fall asleep - but tonight he happily laid down and fell asleep on his own. (hence I have time and energy to blog) So the extra exercise may have actually been making his behavior worse. Poor pup.  I'll post an update when we know more.

So far Henry isn't the fastest learner at doggy school, but he makes up for it with general cuteness.

Henry now has two girlfriends at the apartment complex:  Bala is a 11 yr old chocolate lab and Summer is a Viszla puppy.  Bala is teaching Henry to play and Summer just climbs all over him.