I'm a little behind on the blog because I've been busy growing, harvesting, and canning.  Last Saturday I helped harvest about 250 lbs of free crab apples with the League of Urban Canners but I only brought home 30 lbs.  I made crabapple jelly and crabapple-jalapeno jelly. It was really pretty easy and very tasty.

Then I made a batch of ketchup, which we will call "Heirloom Tomato Artisan Catsup." I used the recipe from "Food in Jars" with some minor tweaks on the spices and I didn't seed, peel, or strain anything through a sieve. I just blended it all up with the immersion blender. The extra texture makes it look more "artisan" anyway. I considered taking it to the pub last night but Dylan vetoed that idea. 

The giant pink tomato met its end in a big batch of mixed tomato puree this morning. It is such a nice meaty tomato but I prefer more acidic tomatoes for fresh eating. The puree makes really great tomato soup and once again I get to skip peeling, seeding, or straining.

I also made my first ever batch of wild fermented pickles.  The baggie of water is to prevent bugs and dust from getting in the brine.  I'm a little worried about skimming off the scum and whatnot, but I've heard the flavor is great. Since we don't have a cold basement or cellar, these will go in the fridge after fermenting.