Prepping for FrankenStorm

Weather reports show that the storm is likely to come inland about 10 miles north of Baltimore but we are probably still going to get a lot of wind and rain.  I would be surprised if we have power tomorrow.  We've got a good supply of snacks, water, beer, and candles so we should be fine.  I've got a variety of knitting patterns lined up and a stash of books to read. Dylan may go into iPhone withdrawal when his battery runs out.


Before I realized we might lose power I harvested my fennel. The plan was to make Italian Wedding soup with meat balls, but since it seemed like a lot of effort to make soup that I might lose, we just ate meatballs.  I think the uncooked vegetables will be fine even if the fridge gets a little warm and I can buy more meatball ingredients after the storm.

I pulled most of my radishes because the heavy rains will make them split and made spicy radish & carrot pickles for snacking or taco garnish.  I didn't have any jalapeños on hand so I threw in some chili flakes.

I started freezing containers of water yesterday so today the freezer is tightly packed with ice.  We do not want to lose all hard-earned my pesto and sofrito!  Everything in the fridge will either survive or be eaten quickly and we have an ice chest in reserve. Since we have a gas stove, I can still cook a lot of things in a power outage.

Shortly after this picture, Henry hopped up on the table because "someone" taught him that puppies on picnic tables are very cute.  Surprisingly he didn't try to snatch the pastry or knock over my esspresso. Good Dog.