Potting Up


I moved my tomato and pepper seedlings into bigger pots this week.  It went really quickly with the soil blocks. I transplanted outside because the weather was nice, but the tomatoes and peppers will grow in the basement under lights at least until mid-May. Turns out I've got one potato leaf "Stump of the World" tomato (left) and one regular leaf "Stump of the World" (right).  According to the internet, "Stump" is usually potato leafed but the regular leaf version is also tasty and sometimes called "Big Ben".  I guess I have to grow them both now!

I found the first asparagus sprouts. They are a bit smaller than q-tips right now.

Below: the garden layout is almost complete.  Dylan is going to help me put down cardboard and wood chips on the paths and build me a bench for the shady back corner.

I found this pretty little snake at the community garden. I hope he or she eats lots of voles this year.

Henry was very pleased to discover the dog cave under our porch stairs. We may just clean it out and let him have it. Thank goodness a previous tenant fenced off the main under-porch area or he would just live under there. Maybe this is a case of "you can adopt a dog from rural Kentucky but you can't take the redneck out of the dog?"